A working group has been set up with the acromyn GRASP (Group to Reinvigorate And Simplify Processes).

This grew out of the April 2019 Quakers in Yorkshire meeting at Doncaster. We heard from Paul Parker (Recording Clerk) when he talked about reinvigorating Quakerism.  After his talk we broke into groups and enthusiastically discussed the issues.  The meeting minuted that it wanted to see how we can simplify structures in Yorkshire with the aim of reinvigorating Yorkshire Quakerism. As a result, our seven area meetings have agreed to work together to explore ways in which we might simplify structures, governance and proceedings, so as to create conditions that help meeting communities to grow, thrive and flourish.

GRASP is not a decision making body.  It will consult and make recommendations for each area meeting to consider.

The members of GRASP are David Bunney (Central Yorkshire), Alison Clarke (York), Steve Hallett (Pickering & Hull), Jim Ledwidge (Brighouse West  Yorkshire), Tracey Martin (Leeds), David Olver (Craven & Keighley), Rosie Roberts (Sheffield & Balby), Barbara Windle (QiY Clerk of Trustees).

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