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Friargate Quaker Meeting House. 28th – 30st June York 


Bursaries available as well as support with transport

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The Youthwork Strategy for Yorkshire isn’t complicated… we know that post pandemic, young people are longing for in-person events, good conversations with each other and adults and inclusive spaces

Quakers in Yorkshire already provides three types of excellent “high point” residentials through the year, Easter Settlement for Families, two Junior Holidays for younger children and Yorkshire Friends Holiday School and reunion for older teens. 

Something is needed to link up these experiences and keep friendships and relationships ticking between them. That’s where link group comes in… a single night, cheap-as-chips residentials that roves around Yorkshire linking up young people, events and Quaker communities. Link group is a mostly social, but distinctively Quaker get-together to which any 11-18’s with a Quaker interest can come.

Link Group Aims and info for volunteers

Meet the Link Group Team. 

Jo, the Youth Development Worker

Age; 37 and half

Likes; boats, bikes, ecumenism and pizza

Dislikes; unblocking toilets, Limes’ sleeping bag

Responsible for; oversight, admin, taming Limes and training

Spirit animal; The noble pigeon




Gwenllian, Resident semi tame engineer.

Likes; Fire, squeeze boxes, rubber ducks, fire, exploding microwaves, pizza and fire

Dislikes; Music created after 1898, ‘normal’ as a concept, discrimination

Age; Not actually from the 1800’s, claims to be younger than Jo

Responsible for; Keeping things Quakerly

Absolutely NOT responsible for; Fire

Spirit animal; The guinea pig

Sasha, Wandering Vegan Sensi 

Age; outrageously young for one so wise. 

Likes; Moravian side-wound theology, talking faith, looking after people

Dislikes; Theology PHD deadlines, buses in and around Richmond 

Responsible for;  Pastoral care and spiritual leadership 

Spirit animal; The heretofore unknown Vegan Barn Owl. 


Liam*, aka LimesYogi & food hoover.

Age; 6 ft 7

Responsible for; Sunday morning yoga, getting stuff from high shelves, running for stuff

Dislikes; being asked to reach for things on high shelves, Vladimir Putin

Likes; Being 28,  going waaaaay faster Jo on a road bike, pizza in quantity, YFGM

Spirit animal; the happiest puppy you ever did see

*replaces a foodwaste bin at events.




Dan , Nose Breathing Pizza Master

Age; Older than Jo! Woooooooooooooooooooo!

Likes; Ice baths, long walks in the rain, teaching people how to breathe properly

Dislikes; Mouth breathing in all of its forms include Jo’s snoring

Responsible for; Mental Health first aid, food, nose breathing!

Spirit animal: An very chilled tortoise



ABOUT US – RVH Liver Support GroupCould this be you?

 Age; 18 to 118

Responsible for; being present and open hearted with 11-18’s in a Quaker setting

Likes; cake, activities, Quaker worship, kipping on meeting house floors & Yorkshire

Dislikes; Limes’ sleeping bag

Spirit animal; the honey badger, naturally