Outreach Projects

The Outreach Projects Committee (OPC) was set up in 2013 to support and encourage all forms of outreach and inreach, receive grant applications and provide funding for projects from any Quaker Meeting in Yorkshire not funded locally. Outreach, in Quaker terms, may be defined as:

‘helping people to find us and, when they do, to offer them welcome, encouragement and friendship. It can involve holding events and activities, putting up posters and being more visible; it can also involve working as meetings to deepen and enrich our life together so that we can be a place where seekers might find a spiritual home’. (www.quaker.org)

It has often been commented that it is not just the outreach work itself but also the preparation and working together involved with outreach that can be spiritually enriching for both individuals and Meetings. In many ways sharing what it means to live our lives as Quakers first demands that we look inwards and examine ourselves.

Examples of projects funded by the OPC recently have included:

  • stalls at a local Peace Fair and library,
  • displays,
  • museum exhibitions,
  • publicity for a public talk about Quakers.

However, funding is not limited to a particular form of outreach, and we would like to encourage a wide range of projects. So if you (as a Friend or Attender) and/or your Local/Area Meeting are considering a suitable project, please apply. The terms of the OPC were recently modified to also include funding for Kindlers workshops at Meetings in the Yorkshire area.

Each Area Meeting has a representative on the OPC who would be happy to facilitate any applications.

For general queries contact the clerk of the Outreach Projects Committee: Annabel May , 01482 872 665

For further information see these documents:

Projects funded in 2018

Local/Area Meeting or Group Format Theme Venue
Balby LM Banners Quaker outreach Town centre/community events
Carlton Hill LM Outreach Committee Outreach events- Quaker Quest, white
poppies Carnival
Quaker outreach Carlton Hill FMH and around city centre
Harrogate Local Meeting White poppies and leaflets Remembrance Harrogate
Thirsk Local Meeting Extracts from Minute Books ‘Healinq the wounds of war’ Thirsk Museum
Pauline Leonard (Carlton Hill LM) Short residential trip for asylum seekers from Leeds A relaxing break with activities Staying at Bamford Quaker Community, Derbyshire
York Quakers Speakers fees and expenses, publicity materials Part of ‘York remembers 100 years: lifting the shadows of WW1’ Friargate FMH
Alison Clarke (Thirsk LM) & Liz Collins (Harrogate LM) Performance of ‘Three acres and a cow’ Social justice and land rights Harrogate FMH
Sheffield Central Local Meeting White poppies and leaflets, and hire of stand Remembrance Sheffield Peace and Craft Fair
Sheffield Central Local Meeting Funding for food provided by refugees and asylum seekers Quaker Week – Room for More with Citv of Sanctuarv Sheffield Central FMH
Hebden Bridge Local Meeting White poppies to distribute around Remembrance Day Peace Hebden Bridge & Todmorden
Pontefract Local Meeting Publication of a book by Pontefract Friend Agnes Mumford Spiritual journey n/a
Leeds Quakers World War 1 Research Group Printing and publicising the book Quakers and the First World War: Conscience and Courage from a  Leeds Perspective Peace n/a