Easter Settlement 2024

Quakers in Yorkshire

   Easter Settlement 2024


Hope, seeing light in the darkness

Hope has been a central theme of the Quaker story since the 1640s. When the first Friends huddled in private homes, barns and woods, they discovered a new world opening up in their silent waiting. Stories of Heaven and paradise were felt as present unfolding realities. By exploring our hopes from the past, the present, and for the future, this Easter Settlement was an opportunity for Friends to find vision, refreshment and renewal. 

Easter Settlement 2024 was an opportunity for Friends to gather to enjoy a varied weekend of activities together at Cober Hill, and especially to explore the theme of ‘Hope: seeing light in the darkness’, led by our guest speaker, Ben Wood.

The weekend provided an opportunity for deeper engagement with issues we are all dealing with right now, as well as to simply enjoy time with Friends.

Some reflections on the 2024 Easter Settlement can be found here.

What is Easter Settlement?

Easter Settlement provides an opportunity for us to strengthen our spiritual base as part of a wider Quaker family. The weekend programme is a mixture of reflection, discussion, worship and fun. Single people and families, those new to the Society of Friends and established Settlers are all made welcome. 

What is this year’s theme, “Hope”, all about?

Our world faces multiple crises including conflict, escalating poverty, and runaway climate change. Faced with these existential challenges, kindling hope feels like an outlandish activity. But as Quakers, our Worship encourages us to search for the light of the future midst the darkness of the present.

Easter Settlement 2024 will consider the many-sided character of Quaker hope through some searching questions: How do we discover hope? What should we hope for? Where does our hope for the future come from? Over the weekend we will hear stories of new green shoots, share our cherished visions, and reflect on the best way forward into uncertainty and possibility. In our minds will be the gifts of Spring and warming Easter fire as we face new chapters in our lives and in our Quaker story. 

What else happens at Easter Settlement?

A typical day at Easter Settlement includes sessions or workshops in the mornings and early evenings. On Saturday afternoon free time gives the chance to explore the area, independently or on guided walks, to share skills and interests, to continue discussions or to relax, read or sleep.  Sunday afternoon will have one session.

 After the evening meal we have social time and a variety of activities will be on offer. There are also poetry reading groups, Tai Chi, hymn singing and an Easter Egg Hunt for the younger ones.