Local Development Worker

I am your Local Development Worker, supporting Quaker communities in our region to flourish. I am based in Sheffield but work from the Quaker Centre in Leeds on Wednesdays, and will also be travelling around Yorkshire to visit local Friends and Meetings. I’ve been a member of Sheffield & Balby Area Meeting for about 20 years and have previously worked for City of Sanctuary and Hlekweni Friends Training Centre in Zimbabwe, as well as being an organic grower for a local City Farm.

I facilitate the peer-support sessions for Meeting role-holders on Zoom (you can sign up for these below). I am also available to respond to any questions or challenges that your Meeting is having, or to support new initiatives and leadings. You can contact me on: CraigB@quaker.org.uk to arrange a phone call, Zoom or visit. 

Please sign up below to receive occasional updates about my work, and opportunities  to take part in renewal activities across Yorkshire. 

In Friendship,

Craig Barnett

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Online Workshops and Activities

What is the Quaker Way?

A series of monthly online sessions for people who are new to a Quaker Meeting and want to find out more about Quaker spirituality, community and practice.

Newcomers are welcome to join one or more sessions, starting at any time.

Online evening sessions on Thursdays each month 7.30pm to 8:30pm 

For dates and to receive a Zoom link for the sessions, please register here.

Peer Support Zoom Sessions for Role Holders

Download the poster for your Meeting

These 1 hour zoom sessions are an interactive space to raise concerns, share case studies, compare ways of working and find solutions together across Yorkshire. Please register in advance to receive a Zoom link by clicking on the date below:

Local Meeting Clerks

Thursday 25th April 7.30pm

Monday 23th September 7.30pm

Thursday 2nd May 7.30pm
Thursday 10th October 7.30pm

Pastoral Care
Thursday 16th May 7.30pm
Monday 14th October 7.30pm

Thursday 6th June 7.30pm
Thursday 7th November 7.30pm

Thursday 13th June 7.30pm
Wednesday 13th November 7.30pm

Thursday 20th June 7.30pm
Monday 18th November 7.30pm

About Local Development Workers

Local Development Workers support Quaker communities across all parts of Britain. They respond to the needs and aspirations of Quaker meetings and support them to thrive. They offer support to meetings by:

  • listening, encouraging and reassuring
  • connecting Friends with people and resources
  • signposting to other specialist expertise in Britain Yearly Meeting and Woodbrooke
  • facilitating sessions on a variety of themes
  • helping to review existing activities or processes
  • assisting with major projects