Racial Justice

In 2021, following presentations from some meetings about their anti-racist activities, Quakers in Yorkshire were led to adopt Racial Justice as a standing agenda item at Quarterly Meetings. Each of our seven AMs have identified a contact person in relation to racial justice, and about a month in advance of each Quarterly Meeting they are contacted for news of any activities to have taken place since the previous meeting (including Friends learning as well as taking anti-racist action). The small group responsible for the standing agenda item also generate a question for Friends to consider individually or collectively.

Questions for the quarters

July 2023

Have you ever in your life had positive experience of reparatory justice?   What does reparatory justice mean to you?

April 2023

When you were a child, what image, if any, did you have of Jesus? If you had to describe Jesus now, what would you say?  Would it be different?  If so, in what way?

January 2023

When did you last speak to a person of a different colour or ethnic group to yourself?  What did you both talk about?  Did you learn anything about their life and experiences?

If you can talk to someone of a different generation to you, ask them the same questions.  How are their answers different to yours?