Racial Justice

In 2021, following presentations from some meetings about their anti-racist activities, Quakers in Yorkshire were led to adopt Racial Justice as a standing agenda item at Quarterly Meetings. Each of our seven AMs have identified a contact person in relation to racial justice, and about a month in advance of each Quarterly Meeting they are contacted for news of any activities to have taken place since the previous meeting (including Friends learning as well as taking anti-racist action). The small group responsible for the standing agenda item also generate a question for Friends to consider individually or collectively.


Activities reported at July 2021 Quarterly Meeting

Area Meetings









W Yorkshire

Quaker Roots is campaigning to stop the University of Huddersfield from delivering its MSc in Security to the Bahraini Police in a building where dissidents are tortured The group also has a reading group which has included books related to racial justice. BYW has a racial justice Whatsapp group Helen Meads
Central Yorkshire


Barnsley LM

Follow-up to first session on racial justice, to be held on 25th July in the afternoon.

Charlie Davies
Craven & Keighley Craven and Keighley have had a series of discussions on tackling racism, and also one session in preparation for BYM. Floe Shakespeare




Carlton Hill LM

An Anti-Racist Group has been formed with regular meetings. It has marked Refugee Week and several Friends are together undertaking a ;21 day Anti Racism Challenge’. We now use ‘Pastoral Care Team’ instead of Overseers. Beginning to communicate with the Area Meeting.

Susan Robson

& Hull

In PHAQM we’ve had a series of discussions prompted in the first instance by our MfS rep. Trustee have been having ‘conversations’ on racism issues and our long-running AM Learning and Development group held a very successful on-line event “Our Response to Racism” with Edwina Peart. Further LM discussions/awareness-raising events are expected. Brian Fellowes

& Balby



The focus is on reading groups based on Layla Saad’s book: Me and White Supremacy, a challenging and worthwhile book to be engaging with.  Anti-racism is also a standing item on all committee agendas and at our Meetings for Worship for Business.

We are concerned to do what we can to reduce the prevalence and reach of structural racism.  One aspect that is within our power is to continue to educate ourselves and be attentive to how structures of power from which some may benefit simultaneously exclude or suppress others.

We have read a blogpost by Sophie Bevan and Elliott Burcham (https://www.quaker.org.uk/blog/the-system-isn-t-broken-it-was-built-this-way), and considered its message in small groups.

Our clerks have started a shared document to share information and resources to continue our process of education.

Helen Griffin


Harrogate LM

We have a good relationship with local Muslims who hire our Meeting House for prayer on a regular basis.
We are a Meeting of Sanctuary involved with the Harrogate District of Sanctuary

New Earswick LM

Our 6 x ‘Race and Me’ sessions were about looking in depth at our own white privilege, and how to respond. The following resources are available and we are very happy to send anything if asked:

  • Race and Me Report + appendices
  • Race and Me Resources List

Now, we are continuing with “What can we do?” Members of the meeting contribute to an ‘Inspirations List’ featuring forthcoming race-related events, arresting video clips and films, and short and long reads. The List generates a monthly Race Action News – please ask if you would like to be on the circulation list. In turn, Race Action News generates items for our 5 minute LBM standing agenda item, Race Action. We are trialling this process until the end of the year.

Rosie Roberts
QiY Easter Settlement 2021

Workshop on Racial Equity Toolkit

Lee Lester

Question to consider:

Are you going to Yearly Meeting Gathering?  Even if you aren’t, you can still engage in the spiritual preparation.  One of the three themes is “Anti-racism – our Quaker journey”.