Quakers in Yorkshire is a registered charity (Number 1139514) and is organised in the same way as most charities with trustees who are responsible for ensuring that Quakers in Yorkshire fulfills its charitable purposes as set out in the governing document (constitution) which is available here.

Quakers in Yorkshire provides pan-Yorkshire services for the seven area meetings which constitute Quakers in Yorkshire. It holds quarterly meetings to provide spiritual and witness nourishment to members and attenders in the region. The quarterly meetings are the final constitutional authority for Quakers in Yorkshire where officers, trustees and other appointments are made. Much of the work is done by committees, the standing ones being Nominations Committee, Arrangements Committee, Under 19s Coordinating Group, Junior Holidays Committee, Yorkshire Friends Holiday School.

Position in Britain Yearly Meeting

Quakers in Yorkshire is a regional gathering of Britain Yearly Meeting (formal name – Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain). The hierarchy of meetings is:

  • Local Meetings
  • Area Meetings
  • Regional gatherings
  • Yearly Meeting

However Quakers in Yorkshire is not part of the administrative structure of Britain Yearly Meeting and has no formal responsibility to the yearly meeting.


The trustees undertake the legal and financial responsibilities of Quakers in Yorkshire.
The trustees are composed of a Clerk of Trustees, the Treasurer of Quakers in Yorkshire and one trustee from each of the seven area meetings. The trustees are appointed by, and report to, the quarterly meetings of Quakers in Yorkshire with names coming from the Area Meetings.

The trustees administer a number of Trusts and oversee the legal responsibilities of Quakers in Yorkshire – click here for details.

There are two Co-Clerks of Quakers in Yorkshire who organise the business and clerk the quarterly meetings.

Officers in 2019

Co-Clerk: Chris Love
Co-Clerk: Arthur Pritchard
Treasurer: Chris Petrie

Trustees in 2019

Clerk of Trustees: Barbara Windle
Meg Forrest (York)
Gavin Burnell (Leeds)
Chris Fellowes (Pickering & Hull)
June Lewis (Sheffield & Balby)
David Bower (Central Yorkshire)
George Penaluna (Craven & Keighley)
Jane Morris (Brighouse West Yorkshire)

Annual Accounts

The QiY annual report and accounts for 2018

The annual accounts for all years are filed with the Charity Commission and are publicly available by clicking this link.