Quaker Quest



  • a spiritual path for our time
  • a search for the sacredness of each person
  • an encounter with the divine through the power of silence

Quaker Quest introduces interested newcomers to Quakerism.

Quaker Quest events take place in different meetings in Yorkshire, sometimes in the autumn during national Quaker week.
Details of events will be posted on this website.


These activities are intended to give you a taste of Quaker spirituality. Everyone is welcome and there is no charge. Quaker Quest events take different forms. There may be talks on different subjects followed by questions and answers, or discussion groups or workshops. Often there is an opportunity to participate in a meeting for worship.

What Quakers Believe That Might Interest You

Quakers believe there is that of God within and that everyone can sense the divine within themselves.  We come together in a Meeting for Worship to search within for this spiritual truth. We worship without rites or symbols. All those present are equally responsible for the worship as we have no paid ministers.

We worship together with tolerance, openness and respect for our different spiritual journeys.

The Religious Society of Friends (or Quakers) started in England in the 17th century. Present day Quakers emphasise personal responsibility in discovering spiritual truth yet draw deeply on their Christian roots. Whilst many Quakers find inspiration in the historic Jesus, they incorporate inspiration and understanding of God from a variety of sources.


Quakers are often involved in working for peace and justice, are concerned with taking care of the environment, and place an emphasis on truthful and simple living.

At Quaker Quest events you can ask more about what Quakers believe and how we try to put our faith into practice. You can also look at the national Quaker website for more information about Quakers: www.quaker.org.uk